The Pledge

"WE THE PEOPLE, in order to create a more perfect historical record, to establish fairness in media coverage, to insure a balanced and honest narrative, to promote and practice the appropriate vocabulary for dialogue, and to secure our place in history for current and future generations, do hereby compile and present the following projects for the benefit of one and all."

— We The People

The Projects

The Obama Legacy: A WE write of the greatest…

Don’t wait for the history book RE-write of what is arguably one of the best presidencies in modern history. Here’s all the proof you need. A full color scrapbook of Barack Obama’s two terms in office!

The Big Book of American Racism

Too big to ignore. Too big to forget.

This ambitious 20” x 20” oversized reference will provide those who seek it with a brutally honest collection of the significant practices, policies that permeate American white supremacy.

A Dishonest Conversation About Race in America

Once you can recognize the many tactics that politicians, pundits, professors, preachers and the public use to maintain the 400+ year long dishonest conversation about race in America, you can then begin to have a truly honest dialogue.

When the Walls Came Down

When the walls of the World Trade Center came down on Sept 11, 2001, Ken Greene chose to remain inside and help others. Read his chilling account and learn which other walls came down across the least for a while!

Stop Pulling Numbers Out of Your A—!

A factual, fully researched, sometimes humorous look at current topics that often come up in our everyday conversations; topics about which people have the most--often emotional--opinions, but often the least facts and knowledge!

Donald Trump: Let’s Look at the Bright Side

We wanted to be objective and fair and balanced. So, after months of research, we can honestly say that this book offers the most concise collection of the bright side of Donald Trump’s presidency! At least read the first page, and decide for yourself if we’re on the right track!


T-shirts, mugs, clocks and more with our observations about the often humorous, sometimes contradictory nature of life in these United State

Posters, infographics and wallpaper

An evolving collection of graphics you can use as wallpaper, wall posters and more!

All the ways you can help!

Our projects can always use your support! Find out the many ways you can demonstrate that support. Sometimes it doesn’t take money to really push things forward!