Stop Pulling Numbers Out of Your A—!

What does it mean to pull numbers out of your a—? Funny you should ask! Here’s a classic example from the Daily Show of a while back":

The Solution?

Stop Pulling Numbers Out of Your A$$ is a factual, fully researched, sometimes humorous look at current topics that often come up in our everyday conversations; topics about which people have the most--often emotional--opinions, but often the least facts and knowledge! It contains over 134 pages of fully-researched, simply-presented facts and information (from well respected and sometimes obscure sources) on a wide range of topics including immigration, unemployment, religion, crime, welfare, racism, gun ownership, politics, science, religion, terrorism and even ebola, that dispel the myths and reveal the truth behind "conventional wisdom" so you'll never have to suffer through anyone pulling numbers out of their (or somebody else's) a$$es again!